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Droplet is a platform to collect and syncronize data beween mobile devices. It can collate the data from a single device, or hundreds of devices.

Water the Garden

Collect data on any device!

Our libraries are available in native libraries for all major systems, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Windows, OSX and Linux. We are constantly working on keeping these up to date, so whenever a new system emerges, we will be working to make the option available.

Pipes and Pumps

Get your data from A to B

Design your own data model, and we will work out the synchronization between all your devices in the field. You can even specify how, and when the communications may take place.

Rain, Without the Cloud!

Work Offline

Sometimes, there is just no network available. Droplet takes this into account, and will synchronize data whenever available. This means you can work offline, and have all your data on your servers later.

All Rivers Meet Here

Integrate with your own service!

Our servers can be used as a staging ground for your data. We store the information in transactions, which can then be passed on to your own servers and reassembled. If you are developing a mobile interface for your own system, you can save a lot of time by using our service. Just create a data model for your app, and then synchonize the transactions back to your server.

Fill Your Ocean

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* This product is currently in beta, as such, no assurances to quality or up-time are given. Beta use may be terminated at any time, and is subject to fair use policies. Please play nice.